How it Works

With our system, simply apply your ereturned tag to your keys. when found, the finder will be instructed to text or email your unique code to ereturned with your keys location. we notify you keeping you personal information confidential. 


If you lose your item

and someone finds them, they just follow the simple instructions on our ereturned tag, and you are notified. It is that simple.


When your item is Found,

the person who texts or emails your code receives a free eretuned tag. This reward entices people to do the right thing, increasing the effectiveness of our system.


We contact you

we Message you with your keys location after they have been found. we send a text message as well as an email to notify you as quickly as possible. We hope to notify you that your keys have been found before you even realize they are lost!  

Why Choose to Use eReturned?

we are a simple new way to find your lost things. our system requires no technology, no apps and no batteries. Just attach to your keys and we do the rest.